Van Dyke's thoughts from abroad of his recent European adventures...


Berlin 1963-2012
Doughnuts and JFK, Brother Ben and Uncle Sam, early gigs with Brother Carson, Frank Holmes, the surf craze, Beach Boys, and Beatniks.

So what did you do with the body?
Terry Gilkyson and The Easy Riders, The Steel Town Two, RIP Ben, and arranging 'Bear Necessities' for Disney.

The World is Your Oyster
Meeting David Oyster, mother-in-law and the Prince, Ms Douglas, Ms Marjory, and nylon string studies towards picado.

Cast Off Characters
Randy Newman, management struggles, welcome to Warner Brothers, Esso Trinidad Steel Band, Liberace, Mo Ostin, setting up WB Audio Visual Services and the Ry Cooder short, Abe Somer and the music biz, contracts and nepotism.

Forgotten, but not Gone
London and Rough Trade, Barbican Hall performance, David Sefton, and 'Seven Deadly Sins'.

Playing Milan, and on to 'The Eternal City'.

Sneezing in the Lettuce 8{) Turnhour, Belgium
Backstage antics, Marcel Van Thilt, Vic Chesnutt, Turnhour gig in elaborate surroundings, and re-releases from Bella Union.

Pharmaceuticals in the architecture, Rachmaninoff and the Steinway grand, boyhood adventures, and Albert Einstein in 3D.

Of All De Gaulle
Barbican Theatre with Daniel Rossen and Robin Pecknold, locked in the theatre, signing albums with Simon Raymonde, airplane food, exquisite alcohol, then back home in Pasadena.

Breakfast for the l'il Rotter...
Rotterdam with Don Heffington, Van Gogh, and Parks van Dyk.

Pheasant Under Glass
Einstein again, boy choir showered with eviscerated pheasant, music studies at Princeton, and an emotional crutch for Mr Ritchie.